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Scientists Create Liquid Fuel That Can Store The Sun's Energy For Up to 18 Years

No matter how abundant or renewable, solar power has a thorn in its side. There is still no cheap and efficient long-term storage for the energy that it generat · 1 Replies · 11 months

New research says intelligent people are messy, stay up late, and curse a lot

Even though a lot of people don't enjoy the use of curse words, it is said that the more you swear the smarter you actually are. A recent study has found that · 0 Replies · 11 months

MIT researchers develop a new, faster 3D brain imaging technique

MIT researchers develop a new, faster 3D brain imaging technique Researchers from MIT have announced that they have developed a new way to image the brain with · 0 Replies · 11 months

Second woman carrying gene-edited baby, Chinese authorities confirm

Police to investigate He Jiankui after last year’s claim to have altered the DNA of twin girls A second woman became pregnant during the experiment to create t · 1 Replies · 11 months

Muscle memory discovery ends 'use it or lose it' dogma

New research shows that extra nuclei gained during exercise persist even after a muscle shrinks from disuse, disease or aging -- and can be mobilized rapidly to · 0 Replies · 11 months

Brains remember more easily with drawings than written notes

Older adults have been found to be just as adept as younger people when it comes to recalling new information, as long as they draw what they're trying to remem · 0 Replies · 11 months

What Was The Most Important Breakthrough In Nanotechnology In 2018?

What was the most important breakthrough in nanotechnology in 2018? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to le · 0 Replies · 11 months

Understanding Nanotechnology and How it Will Disrupt Our Future

Understanding Nanotechnology and How it Will Disrupt Our Future An introduction to the nanoscale world and its transformative technologies. Tanisha Bassan Blo · 0 Replies · 11 months

Nanotechnology enables engineers to weld previously un-weldable aluminum alloy

Two pieces of aluminum alloy 7075 welded together using a nanoparticle-enhanced filler wire. Credit: Oszie Tarula/UCLA An aluminum alloy developed in the 1940s · 0 Replies · 11 months

'Total success': China broadcasts new images from far side of moon

Pictures taken by Chang’e 4 lander and rover beamed back to Earth and shown on state TV China on Friday broadcast pictures taken by its rover and lander on the · 0 Replies · 1 year

Scientists Find a Simple Trick For Remembering Pretty Much Anything

If you need to remember something, you might do well to... draw it. According to a new study, drawing can be a more effective memory aid than writing and rewrit · 0 Replies · 1 year

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