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The Tech Revolt

The Tech Revolt A sometimes pointed, sometimes resigned conversation with engineers, designers, research scientists, and job candidates who are pushing for a mo · 1 Replies · 8 months

The Reflective Level of Emotional Design

“Few products become iconic in people's lives in the way that, say, the Sony® Walkman® did. The iPod is quickly ascending to that status. Clearly there are some · 1 Replies · 9 months

New Tesla Solar Roof Installation Images Show Its Incredible Design

Tesla’s solar roof is gradually rolling out to more homes. A new set of photos shared this week show a new installation at twilight, complete with cutouts for c · 0 Replies · 9 months

The design of ambiguity – UX Collective

The design of ambiguity Benjamin John Peters Blocked Unblock Follow Following Jan 10 The philosophy of aesthetics can be split into two branches. One limb gro · 0 Replies · 9 months

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